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Resource Management Assignments


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Welcome to Resource Management!

Here are the topics/assignments being covered. These are subject to change.

2nd Quarter (Subject to Change)

Date Topics Covered Assignments
Monday, October 18

Checking Account Basics
Opening a Checking Account
Parts of a Check

Banking Video
Class Notes
Tuesday, October 19

Using Checking Accounts
Making Deposits
Writing Checks

Class Notes
Deposit Slip Activity (Work Together) - (10 points)
Spelling Numbers Activity (Work Together) - (8 points)
Check Writing Activity (Work Together) - (18 points)
Apply What You Know #1 and #2 - Page 126 - (26points)

Wednesday, October 20 Using Check Registers
Endorsing Checks

Class Notes
Check Register Activity (Work Together) - (8 points)
Checking Account Registers Activity - (12 points)
Endorsing Checks Activity - (8 points)

Thursday, October 21